Meaningful Information
turns insights into action

Core Communities

Identifying, collecting posts from and building core community is at the heart of the work.
Comparing communities managed with consistency allows effective perspective. The location and participation in the community makes the insights meaningful.

Scrub the Data

Corrupt and meaningless entries are outliers offering little value with odd processing implications.
Ambiguity, sarcasm, typos and abbreviations require intervention that is consistent.
Harmonizing posts from many sources works only when the data is pooled correctly.

Expose Information and Insights

The shape, size and characteristics of any community varies with its purpose, environment and member dependence.
Maintaining the unique posts heritage allows dimensional reporting to identify changing focus, understanding and participation.

Relationship Development

Reducing attrition and enhancing interaction are starting points to; rank results, consider insights and develop action plans.
Confirm short and longer term attitudes. Use what you are comfortable with and adapt as clusters of topics clarify themselves.


Confidence comes from understanding

An appreciation of the mind and heart is a foundation for building a better tomorrow,

Community values, goals and needs also have sub community influences that do not dominate and which require respect and appreciation.