Behaviour Relationship Analysis

Clustering topic words, clustering friends and followers and clustering message types reveal influences and allow leverage in the community.

Frequently, combinations of clusters have a combined weight that merits greater attention than top of the list items have on their own. Symmetry between topic words and groups within the community should not surprise anyone while the velocity, harmony of change, or message paths might.

• Community building in the face of people being sick and tired of game playing and impatient with nastiness requires thoughtful participation.

• Community building requires all members to be involved rather than depend on the horizontal approach surveys use when assuming the head of household or who answers the phone speaks for all of the family.

• Community building based on listening avoids issues associated with any assumption the community actually read or understood the topic or any built in framing.

• Presenting words and graphics relevant to the members perspective helps them step past the difficulty of writing longer emails and blogs, by providing tools to be reused.

• Evaluating what others are saying helps any reader and you approach the issue from the same needs - for example how to make it safer.

• Authentic community building requires timely impact based on listening and understanding. When not local enough and not fast enough a message just does not ring true.

• People disengage by moving their attention elsewhere when true engagement is missing, so even a sincere thank you for your comments is better than ignoring or not listening.

• Ultimately the members of any community do not individually have either the time or inclination to know or understand what the community trends towards. Members respond to community expectations is as though they had read it all. Like a crowd rioting it can lead to undesirable consequences.