the frequency folks bring up a topic relates to what is on their mind and realtive mindshare

Develop "insights"

Relative Revelations

Social media and the web reveal community member perceptions of reality.
Listing those topic words brings into focus what is being talked about.

Looking at current community topic words keeps everyone focused on the community.

Comparing topic words to each other brings relative importance into view.
Comparing topic words relative importance month to month brings community changes into view.

Even before analytics or modelling, community topic words identify directions for;
• Reach — Groups of topic words?
• Receptivity — How frequently?
• Resonance — Attitudes? Needs?
• Reaction — Questions asked?
• Results — Accomplishments possible?

What to work on?

Seeing relationships between topics offers the opportunity to cluster groups of topics and to compare the impact of focusing energy on specific topics or clusters of topics.

Participating selectively

Often dealing with the third, seventh and ninth level topics will result in higher benefit to the community than taking on topic word area number one. Understanding which can be done more cost effectively has obvious benefit. Working on the ones that can be accomplished without unravelling the social fabric as members take strong opposing positions, as is often the case on the most visible topic, can bring critical benefits.

"Reduce attrition by enhancing the changes in your community."

Drill down from the topic word to an insights report of the posts used to build the topic word report.
• see and listen to the words.
• consider the context
• make the connections