communities can ge cultural, geo locations or interest focused

Core Communities

What community are you working with?

Whether you define your community by those in an area of your city or those that are like minded, there will be a general set of characteristics that defines it. The posts of those and any that influence them make up the data used for this work.

Membership of any community includes special interest groups which are part of the community who contribute and who need to have their special interests respected and appreciated. Some of these special interests will the immediate and others ongoing. Once identification of their participation is made use of signal to noise ratios will assure perspective.

Adding other like minded people to build the group grows with understanding. When membership is already scattered, random, or includes those $19.95 per thousand purchased membership lists the number of members can be impressive. When those members speak a foreign language, represent old and unused accounts, or accounts that promote pornography, they present little value in terms of market information. Further, they mat even offend others in your community. Ongoing work needs to be done to pay attention to the folks on the bus that are contributors.

Membership crafted over months, not days, assures a broad meaningful base from which conclusions can be drawn from.