intentions shown by what poeople say
    what people tell everyone?
impact user social media interaction
     using public revelations
involve marketing in athentic engagement of the community and neighbours
      what social communities expose
interpret and analyze social media posts
Real Time
         in Today's Reality

Truth Hiding In Plain Sight

Social media offers insights into community wants and needs.

4 steps to local marketing and engagement.

People shout out their views on social media, much like at the water cooler or on a soap box. Focused surveys or scripted robo calls miss perspectives as responders game the system. People are sick and tired of being limited to reacting. Really listening to them shows a respect for the value of what they have to say, have already said and for their time.

Building community depends on listening and engaging, to break through the digital clutter and audience indifference.

gather and collect social media posts

1,000,000 friends and followers may be impressive for marketing purposes.

If the 1,000,000 is mostly from other countries and communities its information won't be very useful.

organize social media data

50,000 posts will have between 250,000 and 500,000 words to share those views.

Typo's, data glitches, format changes all impact taking the words apart while keeping the sentiment.

get information from social media, facebook, twitter, google+ and foursquare

The focus of any community changes in proportion to all its interests and their sizes.

Meaningful needs a respect of special interests while keeping perspective of the community overall.

understand what people are saying in social media

Evaluating word frequency, sentiments and relationships delivers understanding.

Comparing shifts in topic words and groups of related topics focus the attention at relevant actions.