Meaningful Information

Each community has it own characteristics.

The concerns and values of the community includes the impact of its subgroups and special interests.
Their changing impact on the groups values provides opportunities for engagement.

Data... Information... Action

Presenting information to view how words are being used and the dependence or independence of community views lets the observer see neighbouring community differences.
Actions to be taken grow from those differences and harmonies.

What It Is

Frequently neighbouring communities share topic words that are about different focuses.
Reading the raw posts for the topic words being considered brings understanding and confidence to any area.
For example, two neighbouring communities complain about traffic. Reading the 'traffic' topic word report for each easily reveals the divergence, as one community talks about poor drivers and the enforcement of driving regulations while the other talks about a shortage of and poor roads. These perceptions imply very different ways of participating with each community.

"Sharing views honestly comes with initiating the discussion."

"Responding, once a topic is brought up, is limited by the priming effect of the topic being brought up."