gather the sentiment of people in the neighbourhood

Identify and Collect

Who makes up the members of your community

Identifying those in your community by profiling, confirmation and global positioning.

Gossip and stories become opinion as they acquire magnitude.

Building the number of people in the community requires development of targeted growth in market segmentation and filtering. It is about finding those members of the community, their friends, followers and competitive influencers of the posts created every day. Typically 500 of a target market generate an average of 10,000 posts per month. To avoid the evaluation issues of the small sample paradigm, reports are based on at least 50,000 posts per reporting period.

Adapt as the Community Changes Membership

New folks join and others move on. Collecting the posts is fundamental but managing the impact of membership changes has implications for the future and comparisons to the past.

"Building community is about participating, respecting, sharing thoughts and efforts."